Izabelly and Fran Battendieri Designs Collaboration

The dramatic sky and the soft light made for the perfect background for this shoot. Izabelly is a talented model, and the perfect person to showcase Fran Battendieri Designs. In this shoot, she wore Fran's green tassel earrings with Cz's and gold vermeil. We bounced around the Capitola Wharf in search of the best foreground and background. 

Jen & Tom Maternity Shoot

With dog treats in hand, mama to be, Jen, her husband Tom, and their dog Chica, joined me on a walk around Antonelli Pond. Without a soul in sight, we enjoyed music from a distant event, and took advantage of these long evenings, by soaking in all of the fiery light during golden hour. Thankful for another session in the books, and a patient pup joining this sweet moment.

January 2017, Trip to the Philippines


Day 1: Makati, located within Manila, Philippines.

We were able to access the rooftop of a the City Garden Hotel, where we met my aunt and uncle. The view was insane and the pool wasn't too bad either. Then, went to the streets to check out the crazy nightlife.

Day 2: Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

We caught a flight out of Manila and booked an Airbnb at Alon Traveler's Lodge, where we were picked up at the airport by our host. We were then loaded onto a tricycle (others pictured below in the first image). We dropped off our bags in our room and roamed around the bay-walk nearby.

Day 3: Nagtabong Beach. 

We rented a motor bike and drove to the other side of the island where we discovered a wonderful beach. I played in the ocean, people watched, and fed as many starving pups as I could.

Day 4: Puerto Princesa

We have a few more days here, and decided to use our last few hours on the motor bike to drive around the surrounding neighborhoods and market. We proceeded to see the rest on foot. A day in the life.

Day 5: Honda Bay

We stumbled upon Itoys Coffee Haus while walking around in the morning, then flagged down Alan, who took us by tricycle to Honda Bay. We met a sweet couple there from London and decided to share a boat, which took us island hopping/snorkeling around the area. Later that evening, my Aunt Dina, and Uncle Bret, Steven, and I, walked around the bay-walk to try the street food (duck egg and uni). We ended the night with an extravagant seafood dinner, and a lot of rice.

Day 6: The Underground River

This morning we left bright and early for a bus ride to Sabong. From there, we booked a tour to  boat through the Subterranean River National Park. There was a lot of waiting around, and more people than I ever thought possible in one small space, but the experience was worth it! I saw monkeys, monitor lizards, and 2 km of one of the 7 wonders of nature. One for the books.

Day 7: Trip to El Nido

Another early morning, and another bus ride, this one much longer. We spent most of the day traveling to the tip of the island, but we finally arrived! We checked into our room and then took a tricycle to a nearby beach named La Cabanas. We drank beers and relaxed at the Sun Bar until dark.

Day 8: Rainy Day in El Nido/Nacpan Beach

Unfortunately, today's plan fell apart. Our scheduled island hopping trip was cancelled by the coast guard due to poor weather conditions. We inspected our nearby area on foot instead! We walked around the shops, ate lunch on the beach, then took a trip to Nacpan beach in the evening. 

Day 9: El Nido Island Hopping!

Luckily, Bret and Dina were able to postpone their trip back to Manila a day to make our island hopping adventure happen. Thankful to wake up to sunny skies. We saw about 9 different islands off the coast of Palawan. Views I will never forget.

Day 10: Last official day in El Nido

Steven and I bid Bret and Dina paalam (goodbye) as they head to Singapore. We decided to rent another motor bike and go back to Nacpan beach because we loved it so much. The icing on the cake was a stellar sunset on the way back. Paalam Philippines, I will miss the heat.

Day 11: 17 Hour Layover in Taipei

Not something I would recommend. I don't wish to spend any time in an airport for a very long time after this. Steven and I stored our luggage and managed through immigration to explore the city of Taipei. We took a bus downtown and learned that Sundays are pretty slow here. I must have been acclimated to the tropical weather in Palawan, because my teeth would not stop chattering and the rain didn't help much. Regardless, we window shopped and visited the New Year Market Fair, had curry, and went to the market! Glad we got to escape the airport for awhile.